Top Tips For Cave Exploration

Published: 11th March 2009
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Getting into cave exploration? Cave exploration can be dangerous but there are people who seek the thrills and shrill of new adventures. There are some useful tips to know when cave exploring.

Before entering a cave

1. You should learn the basic steps in cave exploring. Read at least one good book about different kinds of caves, cave formations, do's and don'ts, gears to be used, etc. It would be best to have a proper training on safe caving.

2. If you have plans of entering a cave, make sure not to go alone, bring 3 cavers as a minimum.

3. Never attempt to caves beyond your capability. When you have options, choose the safer alternative.

4. Make sure you pack all the things you need in cave exploring. Wetsuits, helmets, ropes, flashlights and batteries, are some of the more important things to bring. Helmets and clothes should be properly fitted.

5. Let your family or friends know about your plan; inform them of the cave location and your expected time of return.

6. Eat properly before going into cave exploration. The wetter and colder a cave, the more energy is required.

Inside the cave

1. To avoid the danger of being lost, it is essential to memorize the appearance of every route.

2. Place a mark on the cave floor which will indicate the directions you took.

If lost inside the cave

1. If you realize that you are lost inside the cave, maintain your composure. Have the members of your team hold hands or embrace each other. This will make sure that no member will be lost.

2. If you have a cellphone, try if you can contact the outside world; otherwise turn it off and all sources of lights. Preserve the batteries so that it can be used for longer intervals.

3. Decide if you will stay and just wait for help. If you decide to move about, scratch your names, initials, direction and time to cave surface. If it isn't possible to scratch the wall, use available materials to create letters or piles.

4. If you get stuck in uneven surfaces of the cave, try to crawl, pad your feet and hands with cloth so they won't get hurt.

5. If all else fails. Just stay in the dark and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Use your flashlights, cellphones or other light sources as aid in the darkness.

Some people discover the excitement they want in cave exploration. However, be very careful in entering caves that are new to you. In general, you shouldn't go into cave exploration without a professional guide. Know your imitations and don't test your capabilities. Being careful is always the best way out!

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