What You Can Do While Cave Exploring

Published: 25th March 2009
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What are the things we are supposed to do when we explore caves? Generally, managers or cave rangers prepare in advance the interesting activities in their tours. They set different packages for tourists of different preferences. However for 'speleologists' or cave scientists, they do exploration not only for pleasure, but their goal is mainly for research, to contribute to science.

Given that you have prepared and brought the essential things in your expedition, what are the next things to do? Activities also depend on the purpose of the caver. Hence, advanced preparation will help your exploration in an organized manner.

If you are a scientist, and your purpose is mainly for research, your activities inside the cave would depend on the planned procedures or methodology. Maybe you are interested of rock sampling? Or maybe you're studying different formations in the cave? Some researchers would be interested in cave surveying or inventory, cave mapping, wildlife conservation as well as conservation of the cave itself.

For cave enthusiasts who visit caves for pleasure, what do you expect? Usually, tours are already prepared for you. You just have to follow your tour guide's instructions and enjoy. However, activities vary with different caves. It depends on the structure of the cave as well with the added features it offers.

Exploration of caves is dangerous. It is recommended that cavers should always go in groups. Groups should also join an expert caver so as to ensure their safety. They should always bring a first aid kit. Before departure, it is suggested that they leave a word of mouth to someone not included in the trip about their whereabouts so that in case of emergency, there will be someone who can help them in case of trouble. Communication is very important in such dangerous activities like this.

Caving promotes outdoor recreation, fitness and health, camaraderie as well as environment conservation. The pleasure and adventure derived therein inflicts an increasing demand for establishing more and more activities in caving. This is to cater cave enthusiasts more productive things to do as they learn and enjoy throughout their trip inside the cave. But, there is but one warning for cavers out there, you can do all the necessary things you want to do in a cave, --take pictures, view bats, birds, explore rock formations and many more. Just don't disturb and jeopardize its natural structure and all the other creatures living there.

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